Nero's Fortune: the incendiary reign of Nero, according to Quickspin

May 28, 2021

After polar bears (Polar Paws), magic (Wild Cauldron), pirates (Skulls up!) and black panthers (Panther's Reign), the publisher Quickspin has decided to take inspiration from ancient Rome. By revisiting the Great Fire of Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero... This is a particularly unusual subject that doesn't often inspire developers, who are usually more interested in Roman legions... Entitled Nero's Fortune, this rather masculine slot machine game has some attractive features.

Nero, a Roman emperor whose popularity is disputed...

He was the fifth (and last) emperor of the Julio-Claudian Roman dynasty. And he has been saddled with the image of a cruel despot with a dissolute lifestyle. Nero is the same guy who murdered his mother (and many other members of his family) and persecuted the Christians (who were thrown to the lions in the arena). His reign, which was marred by scandals and murder, ended with his suicide, following the decision of the senators to remove him from office and torture him as a punishment for parricide. But Nero is also often associated with the Great Fire of Rome, which took place in 64. A fire that raged for several days, ravaging the city. The general public then spread the rumour that their emperor was singing and playing the lyre while admiring the blaze... It was this incendiary episode that inspired Quickspin to make its new slot machine game.

In terms of special features, will Nero's Fortune catch on like a house on fire?

In addition to an original subject, Nero's Fortune has some interesting features:

  • burning arrows = winning combinations can make multipliers appear under the symbols, which stay on screen until they are revealed by a payout
  • flames of Nero = the bonus game, which grants random multipliers to each free spin, and these multipliers accumulate throughout the bonus game and are then applied to winnings.
  • free spins mode = up to 14 free spins
  • cascade of scrolls = removes winning symbols, which are replaced by others, etc.

You might want to try this slot machine game... especially if you like ancient Rome.